Exploring Cuisine in LA

Hi friends! It’s Amanda: I’ve officially been in Los Angeles for six days. These past few days I’ve been able to explore LA’s unique array of food options and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite meals with you! The first full day we went to Santa Monica to witness the beautiful beaches. The biker-friendly boardwalk stretches for miles. Luckily LA has electric … Continue reading Exploring Cuisine in LA

The City of Angels

Hi friends! My name is Amanda Brown. I am a senior advertising major with a conceration of Account Management at Temple University. Here’s a little bit about me: I have a beautiful Pitbull named Romeo. I enjoy trying traditional cusine from other cultures. I have a passion for entertainment and working with people. For the next ten days I will be traveling to a special … Continue reading The City of Angels

Next Stop: Arcosanti

Greetings all! My name is Luke and I am a junior English major at Temple University. I am set to make my way out to the “urban laboratory” of Arcosanti over spring break of 2019. The prospect of this trip leaves me excited and grateful to be able to experience such beautiful new terrain and community! Paolo Soleri, the visionary of Arcosanti, believed in the … Continue reading Next Stop: Arcosanti

Watch out L.A. Daija is on her way!

Hey Guys! Daija Moore-Evans here! This 2019 semester I’ll be in Los Angeles for the Children’s Media Industry winter program! I am super duper excited to share my journey with you as I take my first steps in L.A! *dramatic scream* Thanks to this Multimedia Portfolio Scholarship I received through Klein- you’ll be getting Vlogs, Blogs and more! My perception of L.A. is: THE PLACE … Continue reading Watch out L.A. Daija is on her way!