A Royal Welcome


I am nearing my third week here in London, and I am getting into the groove of being a regular dude going to Uni in the UK. Klein GO and FIE placed my flat in The Royal Borough of South Kensington, where my neighbors are the incredible wealthy, the famous, and Prince Harry himself. It didn’t take me too long to figure out the definition of the word posh. My neighborhood is filled with museums and beautiful scenery. Below is a video I made showing off Hyde Park and local (FREE) museums in S. Kensington.

Not to sound too cliche, but every day since I have arrived, I have fallen more in love with this city. This is the largest city in Europe; a city where over 300 languages are spoken and filled with tons of different cultures. I have begun to figure out that I will be getting a taste of the whole world while I’m staying here.

The beginning of this semester allowed my flatmates and I to travel to Camden, Shoreditch, and Brighton. Each little district with its own unique charm.

First we visited Camden, mostly focusing on Camden Market and neighboring Primrose Hill. Camden Market was a bustling little area filled with so much art, vintage selections, hand-made crafts, and a ridiculous amount of delicious food. Primrose Hill is at a peak in Regent’s Park. At the very top, 213 feet (65 m), you have a breathtaking view of the entire skyline of London.

View from the top of Primrose Hill

Shoreditch was a town that reminded me of home. The vintage stores, the murals, the art, the street musicians, it all made me think of South Street in Philadelphia. The whole vibe of the area gave off that sweet sensation of brotherly love.

Brighton is one of the premier beach towns in the United Kingdom (Also the LGBTQ capital of the UK). Located on the southern coast of the country, it is home to the mighty English Channel. Being able to sink my feet into what I considered uncharted waters was a big step for a kid who has never seen anything other than the Atlantic Ocean.

Here I am, mere moments before I ascended into the heavens.

It is just so difficult to describe everything that is going on around me. Living a new life brings many different challenges, but through them there is another chapter to unfold for my life. I head to Amsterdam next week to feed that travel bug that is growing inside of me. For more pictures, thoughts, and updates about my day to day, follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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Until next time!