Want To See Two Coasts at Once? Come to CR

Living and working in San José, Costa Rica means I’m in the central valley: safely tucked in between mountain ranges and volcanoes. So, it is only expected that on the weekends I want to venture out of the crater of the valley!

I only have one more week left here in Costa Rica, and I must say that the traveling aspect of my time here has made it all worth it. It may seem odd that I am saying this since Costa Rica is so small, but it has some of the most abundantly diverse environments and wildlife in the world.

Viper I saw during a hike in the Los Cusingos Bird Santuary. Is she venomous? Not sure.

Only about two hours outside of San José, you can find the Irazú Volcano. At the top of this mountain, on a clear day, you can see across the width of the whole country! From the Pacific side to the Caribbean side…where else can you get this view? I actually went to the Irazú Volcano, but I couldn’t see much except for the clouds passing by. Since Costa Rica is only 75 miles wide, it is essential to visit both coasts since they both carry different cultural background into Costa Rican life.

The Caribbean side was where I went first. I went to the Limón Provence to the Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean influenced beach town called Puerto Viejo. The town is filled with reggaeton and relaxation, so I definitely enjoyed being away from the city. Here, the beaches were wide and the air was–humid! Since Puerto Viejo, I have been to the Pacific side two times to the Monteverde Cloud Forest with my internship. Here, we are in the beautiful mountains,, overlooking the forest canopy and the clouds! Next weekend, I am traveling to a beach town on the Pacific side so I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to the Caribbean coast! Lastly, on Saturday I traveled back to the Caribbean coast for a work-related event. We went to Moín beach in Limón to release baby sea turtles into the ocean. This experience is something I will remember for the rest of my life!

Sea Turtle I released into the Caribbean Ocean! Sea Turtles actually remember what beach they were released at, and decades later, females come back to the same beach to lay their eggs!

I wanted to write a post highlighting the ease of travel throughout Costa Rica because it’s important to know that not one “culture” or way of life defines this country. It may be small, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this nation doesn’t have much to offer. I have seen more biodiversity here in one week than I have my 21 years in the U.S.! It is truly mind-blowing how much natural beauty and thousands of species of wildlife are packed within such a small radius. If you are looking for a unique, breath-taking experience, come to Costa Rica! Who else can say they’ve seen two oceans at once?

Suspension Bridge at Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve!