Preparing for our New Hampshire take off

Hi! I’m Claudia Salvato and I’ll be participating in the New Hampshire study abroad program in February. This spring semester is the last of my undergraduate career, and I’ll be earning my BA in Journalism with a focus in photography and visual art.

Last summer, I participated in the International Storytelling Program in South Africa under the instruction of the lovely Karen Turner. I knew before I left Temple that I wanted to take advantage of the many opportunities that the abroad office has to offer. Though this program may not take me to a new continent (or somewhere warmer…), I’m incredibly enthusiastic about where we will go, because my class gets to cover the New Hampshire primaries!

To prepare for the trip, the participants are enrolled in Media and Politics with David Mindich. We have class twice a week where we are quizzed on the news from multiple sources. We also have discussions about the state of media and the interactions between political candidates and media. Perhaps the most interesting is the class website. Each student is profiling a “minor” political candidate, or someone who is on the ballot in New Hampshire but is not one of the household names. Upon completion of all the profiles, we will put them on a public website. I am working on profiling Robby Wells, a football coach turned politician running as a Democrat. This experience is extremely valuable because I am confronting ethical issues with how to represent someone, which is a key thing to consider in journalism. In New Hampshire, we will produce news pieces about the primary.

I’m excited to document the experience here. Until then, stay informed with current events and I’ll see you in New Hampshire!

-Claudia ❤