From Philly to Acrosanti

Hey! How’s it going? My name is Adam Wittekind and I am a Media Studies and Production major (known as MSP) here at Klein College! I actually graduated for Bucks County Community College with an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I switched my major when I graduated because I wanted to do something more creative (and I didn’t want to take an Accounting class ever again). I am so glad I decided to transfer to Temple, it may be one of my best decisions I have ever made.  I heard about a opportunity over spring break in my Transfer Seminar class. I was not completely sold until the same thing happened in my Media and Society class.

One of my friends and I looked at each other and we both knew we were going to do it. As a result, I will be going doing the spring break Acrosanti Program. I am truly so excited! When we get there, we are going to be taking a course with the legendary professors: Barry Vacker and Patrick Murphy who are going to be teaching us about “Media and the Environment”. The thing that is so awesome about this program is that this course is required to graduate, and the credits actually go towards my spring semester tuition. It is one of the programs that peaked my interest from the very beginning. During our time there, I also will be taking over the @KleinGobal Instagram for a few days. I am excited to show people the amazing landscape, and people that we are sure to meet along the way.

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After taking Barry Vacker’s course called Media and Society, quite a few things about this opportunity have me excited. First off: the stars. I have a great old memory with one of my best friends, Jonah. We were camping at a place called Promised Land State Park. It was late at night and we were with a bunch of friends the entire time (that we were getting sick of), so we decided to take a late-night kayak ride to get away for a little.  We were talking for a really long time when all the sudden I relaxed and looked up. We both were so amazed at the sight, and I’m pretty sure there still was light pollution. Never in my life had I seen so many stars. Ironically, in order to get back (because it was pitch black out), my friends dad had to leave a lantern out along the edge of our campsite. Below is a picture of the view of where we stayed.

A tree with a sunset in the background

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Another thing I am very excited for are the hikes. Along these hikes are rumored to be some very old cave petroglyphs (old rock carvings). I love history already and have never really seen any older paintings in my life before. Also, hiking is one of my favorite things to do when camping.

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I am very excited to take you along in this journey with me. Tune in to the KleinGo (@kleinglobal) Instagram or my personal (@adamwittekind) on March 4th and March 6th to get a good idea about what the Acrosanti Program is like!