Dublin in Four Months: One Month In

This weekend in Achill Island.

Howya! It’s been officially one month and week since I landed in Dublin. What a ride it has been! We are in week 5 of classes. Luckily, I am only taking five classes and only have one a day which is the exact opposite of my busy schedule at Temple. I’m able to get more involved and explore Dublin. Currently, I am part of Rock Climbing Club, Dance Society, Erasmus Student Network, Tea Society, and create illustrations for DCU’s newspaper, The College View.  When I’m not in class or at a society, I am exploring Dublin and Ireland. 

The mountains of Bray.

This past month, I’ve seen Bray, Greystones, Glendalough, and Achill Island. Since I am part of the Erasmus Student Network, they take us on trips around Ireland. (For anyone looking to study abroad, I recommend joining your host schools international society. It’s a great way to meet other international students and explore your host country.)

The hiking squad.

At the end of January, we hiked from Bray to Greystones. Bray takes about an hour and is a casual stroll through along the coast of the Irish channel. You end up in Greystones which is a cute little town on the coast. It’s perfect for walking around and grabbing a pint at the local pubs.

View from the top of the ridge of Glendalough.

 Last weekend, we went up to Glendalough which is about an hour outside of Dublin. Glendalough is a more intense hike compared to Bray. You start at the base of Glendalough lake and then proceed to hike up the mountain, along the ridge, and back down until you end up where you started. It’s a total of 10 kilometers and takes about 3 hours. If you’re coming to Ireland, I definitely recommend doing these two hikes.

Mountain goats!
The view while hiking down into the valley.
The cliffs of Keel Beach.

This past weekend, I went on a surfing trip to Achill Island. Achill is on the west coast of Ireland and north of Galway. It’s so peaceful and beautiful– definitely a must see. We stayed right on Keel beach, so I had a view of the cliffs from my window. Saturday morning we got up and went surfing in a hail storm. I’ve never been surfing before, so that was quite the introduction to it. I didn’t get the chance to explore all of Achill; however, it’s a good spot for hiking, camping, and biking.

My friend Paige and I at Keel Beach.

Thanks for tuning in to this blog post! I’ll be back next month with more updates, recommendations, and random things I’ve learned. Sláinte!