Music and Trips Around The Emerald Isle

Hello everyone! Here to update you on my adventures here in Ireland! Hard to believe I have been here for a little over a month, and have loved every second of it. Since the last time I checked in I have stepped out of the city life here in Dublin and visited some of the many counties here in Ireland. I have participated in many hikes such as one from Bray to Greystones which you are able to see the coastline and beautiful views of the east coast of Ireland. My other favorite view has been the hike in Glendalough, the views throughout these trails were truly breathtaking!

Views from hike in Bray, Greystones, and Glendalough

Not only have these beautiful views been my favorite aspect of Ireland so far, but most importantly the music that always brings life to the city streets of Ireland. Here in Ireland on most streets you will find people known as buskers. Buskers are people who perform on the street and show their talent of singing and playing instruments. In Dublin you will mostly find buskers throughout streets that are dedicated to pedestrian walking such as Grafton Street, and Henry street. You will find buskers of all ages on the streets, even rain or shine. The buskers music make the streets more lively and enjoyable to walk down!

Above are the Buskers throughout the city streets of Dublin

During my time here I have also traveled to Galway. Galway is an awesome town located on the west coast of Ireland. In this town you can also find buskers throughout the town. Not only are streets filled with music here, but also almost any pub you go to you can find live music. I am someone who enjoys live music, so exploring the many different musicians here in Ireland has been such an amazing experience!

Above are the buskers throughout Galway

My time here in Dublin has been nothing but great so far, and I look forward to the adventures that still lie ahead of me. Signing off for now but can’t wait to update you all in my next post on the other amazing counties here in Ireland! Cheers!

-Kirstin Doogan