The “Mind Blowing” West

Acrosanti is literally changing my college career. I was not expecting anything like has happened throughout this entire trip. The community that we have formed, and the friendships have been on another level. This entire trip has been the highlight of my college career. The views even from our apartment have been amazing. Here is the sunset from our first night when we arrived

There is one thing that sticks out above everything else. That is the beauty of the nature that you see here. Everything is well kept and very ecofriendly. The way the buildings are built, being self-heating/cooling, the wildlife around, and even the residents. They are all behind the different style of living, and everyone here has been very nice and kind. The tour we went on was very informative about the history of Acrosanti and what exactly the people stand for. However, my personal favorite part of the trip, had to be our trip to Biosphere II.

Biosphere II was truly breathtaking. It was so awesome to see what exactly they were doing there. Going there I was expecting more of a museum type environment. While it definitely was, they still are very research focused. They talked about how they did a drought experiment with their rainforest biome. They were trying to see what exactly would happen to the plant life if its water supply was completely cut off. While they were not able to give specifics (it takes years to analyze the data they got), it is looking like the results were interesting. They initial thoughts were that the plants end up going into a sort of hibernation, like bears. They end up requiring less oxygen and less water. The result of this is the lack of oxygen. More than likely this would have drastic consequences to our entire ecosystem. This however, maybe a future reality with dry seasons getting hotter and longer.

Finally, let’s talk about the Grand Canyon. Pictures and videos cannot and will not do it justice. The scale is just insane. The day we got there some of us went exploring while we were walking, we heard the echoes of a helicopter. I personally could not see it because I didn’t have my glasses, but it is so big that it looked like an ant. You could hear it better (still sounded VERY distant) than you can see it. Also, there is so much to see and do there. Just when you think you have seen it all, you get a different angle along the trail that looks completely different.

All of these places tie into the lectures the Professor Vacker and Murphy have been talking about. Sometimes we get very disconnected from nature and don’t realize the beauty around us. Also, how much we harm it. Our generation has the ability to make the world a better place not only for the next generation, but for our own lives. We can star with how we think about these issues and start to take action. Also, if you have been curious you can follow me @adamwittekind, or follow @kleinglobal for more about our trip!