Goodbye to my new Home away from Home!

I can’t believe my time in Ireland has come to an end! Although it had ended shortly, I am forever grateful for my experience the past two months in this beautiful country. During this time, I was able see the many areas of Ireland and created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

I will admit before leaving to go abroad, I was nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone and adjusting to this new environment in which I have never been to before. I must say after a few days day of recovering from being jet lagged it was very easy to adjust to the new environment. One way that made adjusting so easy was joining the many society and clubs DCU offers. One society, ESN (Erasmus student network), made my experience at DCU even more memorable. It is filled with students from all over the world studying at DCU who are also in the same position as you of this new beginning. Joining this society I was able to form friendships with people from all over the globe, and got to see around Dublin and Ireland through the many trips that they ran. The country of Ireland had the most beautiful sights I have ever seen that I will definitely miss the most.

Being so comfortable in Dublin is the main reason that made leaving this country so hard. I am so grateful that I chose to study abroad this semester because it truly was the best experience of my life. Thankful for Temple University and Klein Go because without this program I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

Thank you for following along on my Journey in what I can now call my new home away from home!