Your Guide to Living Abroad After College

I was incredibly fortunate to have participated in two Klein GO programs as an undergraduate. My experiences in Arizona and Paris had opened my eyes to how powerful studying abroad can be, and I found myself wishing incessantly that I could go away for a whole semester. Though I didn’t have time (or the money) to study abroad again, I quickly began to research my options for exploring the world after college. 

I’ll always rave about how my Klein GO programs changed my life, but if extenuating circumstances have impacted your plans to study abroad, rest assured that you can find similar experiences after college as well! If you want to be more than a visitor when you travel; if you want to immerse yourself in a new culture; if you want to learn, grow, and experience those life-changing moments that seem to define study abroad programs… this one’s for you. 

Graduate School Abroad

Have you ever thought about attending graduate school? If so, why not go abroad for your degree! While it may seem daunting to go to grad school outside of the United States, you may be surprised to find that the perfect program for you is in another country. Not only are there many prestigious schools with graduate programs around the world, but programs in other countries tend to be less expensive than their American counterparts (even for international students)!

Even some of our own alumni have chosen to attend graduate school in other countries, including myself and Olivia Reed. If this option sounds appealing to you but you’re concerned about financing your time abroad, consider…

International Grants and Fellowships

There are countless grants, fellowships, and service programs dedicated to getting recent graduates to travel and immerse themselves in a new culture. Whether you are interested in making a creative project, conducting research, attending graduate school, teaching English, or volunteering abroad, there is a grant or fellowship for you!

While these awards are often highly competitive, Temple’s Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising is dedicated to preparing students for such grants. As someone who has gone through the process of applying for a Fulbright, my biggest piece of advice would be to never sell yourself short! You’ll never know what exciting opportunities you may qualify for until you apply.

Working Abroad

You don’t need a fancy award to cover your time abroad. In fact, if you complete the proper paperwork, there is nothing stopping you from living and working internationally! Some of our alumni have returned to the country they first visited during their program (like Mira Wise), while others felt inspired to move to an entirely new place (such as Marlie Derstine and Kayla Smith). Relocating and working abroad is an excellent way to immerse yourself in a new culture while making a living at the same time.

Girl standing on a rock in front of the Grand Canyon
It’s a big world out there… whether you decide to live abroad or not, make time to explore it!

Of course, there are countless ways to see the world after college. Whether you plan to move abroad or not, I hope these examples inspire you to seek meaningful experiences wherever you may be. And if you do find yourself living in a new country… keep in touch, and good luck!