Calming Travel Nerves

With the recent pandemic came various travel restrictions. Flights were canceled, safety procedures were intensified, and it left many travelers feeling wary of their soon-to-be departures. However, it is still possible to stay safe during this time while allowing yourself to travel. Whether it’s to the beach, a road-trip across a few states, or a flight across the country – here are some tips for calming your travel-related nerves during this time.

I’m sure you all keep hearing this, but it’s extremely important to maintain personal hygiene while traveling by washing your hands and wearing a mask! These simple steps go such a long way in preventing you from catching the virus – a recent study has even proven that by washing your hands and wearing a surgical mask it reduces the coronavirus spread by 75%! It’s also respectful to the residents of the place you’re visiting in helping to stop the spread of germs while you’re there. Wash your hands often and refrain from touching things that don’t need to be touched. If you’re staying in a hotel or camping site then it’s also important to clean and disinfect your entire space before/after you use it. Being conscious of these things goes a long way!

Social distance
Being in close contact with whoever you’re traveling with is 100% okay, but if you’re meeting up with other family or friends, or even if you’re going sight-seeing or lounging in the sun, make sure you’re keeping a noticeable distance between those who you haven’t been in contact with normally. Sitting 6 feet apart or walking 6 feet apart with someone makes all the difference in helping to stop the spread of anything that might be floating around. If you distance now, you’ll be able to have contact sooner than you think!

Pack accordingly
With the many restrictions that are currently in place, you should be prepared to bring more items with you that unusual. Stock up on hand sanitizer, bring extra masks/gloves, have medicine (acetaminophens such as Tylenol) with you just in case, and bring non-perishable food and drink in the instance that restaurants are closed wherever you’re traveling too. It’s always helpful to be extra prepared when you go to pack for your trip and you’ll thank yourself later for taking the time to do so!

Utilize non-contact services
Many restaurants and stores do offer contact-free delivery and pickup. If a store you’re wanting to order from has that as an option – take the opportunity! This is a great way to give a place some business during this time all while staying safe (and enjoying the food/product that you ordered!) Especially while you’re traveling, it’s almost impossible to not eat out at least once while on your trip. Utilizing these services in a healthy way is beneficial to both yourself and the company you’re supporting!

Have fun
While traveling during this time won’t give you the most ideal experience, there’s still plenty of opportunities to have an amazing and memorable trip. Taking the necessary precautions is only the first step of your trip while having fun is definitely the second and last step. When you’re in a secluded area, it’s completely safe to take your mask off and enjoy your time there – it’s also encouraged! Stay aware of yourself and what’s around you but always make sure you’re having a good time during your travels.

I hope these tips helped to ease some of the nerves surrounding travel during this unprecedented and somewhat stressful time. There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes along with a global pandemic, but with the proper attention and care, travel is still possible. While international travel is on a halt, for now, it eventually will come back, but in order for that to happen we need to take the proper precautions now to make sure we can get there sooner rather than later. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings, and you will have no issues at all. Happy (and safe) traveling!