Good News! You Don’t Need to Stop Talking About Studying Away

So you studied abroad! Maybe you interned, too and now you have all of this amazing knowledge and these incredible stories to share and you just don’t know where to start. You can’t wait to tell every single person you come in contact with about your time away but, with that being said, none of us want to be that person that returns home and incessantly talks about their study abroad experience.

The truth is your best friend doesn’t want to hear about the friends you made abroad (not because they don’t love you, it’s because they may get jealous), and your mom probably doesn’t care that the pluots you ate in Paris were so much better than the ones she picked up at the store this past weekend. Although friends and family may grow tired of hearing about your experiences, some people would love to hear all about it. I, for one, and the rest of the Klein GO team, would love to chat about your program. More importantly, employers would also love to hear about your experiences abroad.

Did you know, 73% of employers consider study abroad to be an important topic when reviewing resumes of recent college graduates? If you have ever been to one of our information sessions, watched a class presentation of ours, or been into the office you know we love to talk about all the skills (hard and soft!) you will develop from your program. This could include anything from time management to basic communication skills learned in a foreign city. 80% of employers say cultural fit is a top hiring priority, and what better way to showcase your cultural fit than to tell an amazing anecdote about your time interning in Barcelona? 

Now, we know about all the benefits of studying away, but how exactly do you showcase your skills and experiences to employers? First, make sure you state you program on your resume! Whether you include your experience in the education section, relevant experience (especially if you interned), or any other miscellaneous section, the name and dates of your program should be put on there for the world to see. Second, do not be afraid to talk about your experience in interviews. Maybe the person interviewing you will bring it up, maybe not! If not, don’t be afraid to include it when answering a tough question or use it as a way to explain those skills we just talked about above. I promise they will love to hear about it! 

Whether you studied away for ten days or spent an entire summer interning abroad, always be ready to speak about your experiences in job interviews. If you need help preparing for an upcoming interview check out the Career Center for a mock interview or stop in our virtual office hours at Klein GO where myself and the rest of the team would love to talk to you!