COVID-19 Resources

Here is a list of resources pertaining to traveling during COVID-19. This list of resources is a living document and will be updated throughout the year with new resources. This includes all the countries/states/territories that we send students to as well as information from health organizations. If you have any questions related to traveling during COVID-19, you can check out our FAQ page or email us at

Health Organizations

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

Global Health Institute

Mayo Clinic

International Travel Resources


U.S. Embassy South Africa

Coronavirus Resource Portal South Africa


U.S. Embassy Japan

Ministry of Health Japan

U.S. Embassy Hong Kong

CDC Hong Kong

U.S. Embassy Mumbai

Government of Maharashtra Health Department

U.S. Embassy Shanghai

CDC China

U.S. Embassy Sinapore

CDC Singapore


U.S. Embassy Melbourne

DHHS Victoria (Melbourne)

U.S. Embassy Sydney

NSW COVID-19 (Australia)

Central + South America

U.S. Embassy Medellín

CDC Colombia

U.S Embassy San José

CDC Costa Rica

U.S. Embassy Santiago

CDC Chile


U.S. Embassy Berlin

Health Ministry Germany

NHS England

U.S. Embassy U.K. (London)

U.S. Embassy Ireland

HSE Ireland

U.S. Embassy Rome

Ministero della Salute Italy

U.S. Embassy Barcelona

Spain Travel Health Portal

U.S. Embassy Paris

Coronavirus Info (France)

North America


U.S. State Department

Smart Traveller Program


Gateway to Finance

International SOS

U.S. Travel Resources

Puerto Rico

Washington D.C.


New York



State Department

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map

TripAdvisor COVID-19

Flatten the Curve

KAYAK Travel Restrictions by Country Map

Travel News

Temple University International Travel

Temple’s International Campuses and Programs COVID-19 FAQ