Jared Phillips

Jared Phillips

Alumni Spotlight

Klein Global Opportunities (GO), formerly known as Study Away, provides opportunities in the U.S. and internationally for all students through academic and practical experience. We aim to assist students in becoming influential leaders and empowered global citizens. Programs range from ten days to semester long. Klein GO programs are designed to not only enhance a student’s marketability in the workplace, but to also cultivate their global perspective in a growing multicultural environment. Through guidance and expertise, we encourage our community to propose and participate in international and domestic experiential learning.
*Some responses have been slightly edited for clarity and consolidation purposes.

When and where did you study away?
I participated in the Global Internship Program in Los Angeles the summer after my junior year at Temple.

What was your program like?  
I had a full-time internship for two months, getting professional experience in the second biggest media market in the country. Our program provided a ton of experiential programs and activities outside of our internships such as trips, dinners, and the opportunity to experience a brand new city.

Has studying abroad helped you in your professional life? Your personal life?
Though my internship didn’t necessarily correlate with what I do for work now, the experience of being in an office environment is always helpful. Personally, I have fostered friendships and experienced memories I will never forget.

Are there lessons you’d consider invaluable from your experience?
I think what I learned about myself personally from my summer in LA has helped make me who I am today.

How has your experience guided your career path?
The work I did in LA helped me realize that what my initial goal was, to work in sports broadcasting, was the right goal for me. While that’s not what I did in LA, what I did do there helped me further that goal. I believe that in every experience we have the opportunity to take a lesson, for better or for worse. It’s how we learn about ourselves and the world around us.

Where are you now? What do you do?
I now live in Springfield, Illinois covering local high school sports for Channel1450.com, a digital platform providing in-depth highlight packages and unique stories that give our audience a better look inside and a deeper understanding of the community around them.

Advice to current students studying away and/or prospective students considering doing so?
DO IT. Cliche I know, that’s what every student that has studied away has always said, but if you have the financial means to do so, it is a must. If not for professional reasons, it’s important to have those personal experiences to look back on for the rest of your life. It will help you grow as an individual.